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Hurricane's Ryan Bunn becomes school's first ever state swim champ


PROVO, Utah — Ryan Bunn knew he didn't have too much energy left, but he had to keep swimming.

His body started to ache on the final leg of the 200 freestyle, and Alex Yokubison chased down the Hurricane sophomore.

A roar from the crowd was the first thing Bunn heard when he touched the end of the pool, and then he looked at the scoreboard, which showed a No. 1 next to his lane number.

"That last 50 I could see that he was trying to catch up, and I was trying to hold it together," Bunn said. "My feet were dead; they were just kind of dragging in the water."

Bunn held off Park City's Yokubison in the 200 free by .09 seconds to capture a gold medal at the 3A state swimming championships at Brigham Young University Friday

To top it off, HHS principal Jody Rich and swim coach Dani Caldwell said they were certain Bunn became the first-ever swimming state champion in Hurricane's history.

Kaylee LeBaron finished second in the 500 free in 2013, but that's the closest any Hurricane swimmer has come to a gold in recent years.

However, Bunn was the only person to celebrate a first-place finish from a team besides Park City as the Miners won the other seven races.

The final races were the 50-yard freestyle, which looks and sounds like a cacophonous mashup of arms slapping the water, people yelling and whistling loudly, and water all over the place.

Cedar's Kristen Gross took second in the women's 50 free for the second straight year behind PCHS's Rozie Selznick. But Gross was especially proud of her teammate, Aspen Bonzo, for finishing third.

"I'm so glad to have such supportive teammates," Gross said, holding back tears of emotion. "(Selznick and I) have been racing each other for a long time, and she works so hard. She's pushed me all of these years."