Student of the Month (September 2018)

Student of the Month (September 2018)
Advanced Math Jared Armstrong
Advanced Math KeviAnne Carter
Advanced Math Emma Ballard
Math JR Tuiloli
Math Kinlee Barney
Social Science Madelyn Hatch
Science Tijie Harada
Science Emilee Vick
Agricultural Science
Stephannee Schmitz
Health Sciences Bryce Hubbard
Transition Levi Humphries
Financial Literacy Alexander Peine
Financial Literacy Austin H Wright
2-D Visual Arts Mckena Carter
3-D Visual Arts Sage Darger
World Language- Japanese Maxine Campbell
FACS McKaela Lemmon
Woods Owen Sanders 
Woods Savannah Imlay
Claire Schermerhorn
Band Jocelyn Hummel
Choir Kaden Nelson
Dance Ember Judd
Cheer Brielle Buell
Physical Education Kyle Stevenson
Physical Education Addison Rowland
Theater Melody Smith
Theater Xela Lowe
Theater Jessica Broadbent
ESL Wendy Mendoza
Speech/Debate Chris Harper
Stage Tech Michael Koop
Journalism Jairus Keith
English 10- Honors Colton Yates
English 11- Honors Gracelyn Lee
English 12 Korbin Crandall
English 12 Laska Jessop
Athletics Bryce Thomas
Athletics Pearce Morris
Athletics Jeremiah Johnson
Athletics Kyler Siddoway
Athletics Macey Cox
Athletics Mckena Carter
Athletics Britin Behrmann
General Scholarship Caleb Armstrong
General Scholarship Rianna Holland